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Heavy Rain PC Version

Heavy Rain available in a new PC!


Heavy Rain PC Manager – is the latest program through which you download and install the full version of the game Heavy Rain on your computer. The game has been completely rewritten in terms of graphics and control for the PC platform! Using a download manager with the maximum speed of your connection in a few simple steps. After downloading the Manager on our part it should extract any program .rar and run the program, click the Download button and choose a destination folder in which you want downloaded and installed the full version of the game. We can also pobradz separate ISO image of the game along with the crack, because of the ease of installing the game after you download we recommend our Manager. It is important to complete the download and install the game via our manager click on the button and wait until the CRACK installer loads the necessary components to run the game. All game settings: graphics, controls and game we can change now from the manager, which greatly facilitate us to start the game.


Full version of the game after installation is 8.15GB of free space on the drive the rest of the hardware requirements is given below.





Heavy Rain PC Manager





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    Work 🙂

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    Downloaded, I recommend to all 🙂

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    okay ^ ^

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