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Jurassic World Evoltion Game Preview

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park from 1993 belongs to the absolute classics of cinema. The story about the reserve for the restored dinosaur laboratory has appealed to the imagination of people all over the world. Not only the successive films, but also books, comics, gadgets, albums, T-shirts and so on, have been a financial success.

Jurassic World Evoltion Game Preview

Jurassic World Evoltion Game Preview:

Computer games also reached for the famous motif, and Jurassic World Evolution is not the first economic strategy embedded in this universe. Previously, he was Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, released by THQ in 2003. For this reason, JWE draws a large part of ideas for the game. However, the latest game about dinosaurs was created by the Frontier Developments studio, the authors of the iconic Rollercoaster Tycoon series, who recently returned to the topic with a successful Planet Coaster. Thus, Jurassic World Evolution clearly refers to Operation Genesis from 15 years ago, but also uses much fresher experiences.

Jurassic World Evolution is an economic strategy for a single player. There are actually only one, but a very good game mode – a career. As part of it, we visit six different islands successively, unblocking the next lands by obtaining three out of five star ratings of the park in the previous area. Each island means a different challenge. While one is exposed to strong storms, another takes over the state of total financial ruin, etc. Interestingly, these islands do not constitute completely separate missions, because we can at any moment move between the available parks. This is a good reason, because part of our progress in the game is global and applies to all managed lands – this is the case, for example, with discovered dinosaur genomes or unlocked buildings


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Game features:

  • not badly devoted to the atmosphere of films;
  • well thought-out campaign;
  • great graphics and sound design;
  • a lot of fun in recreating and modifying dinosaurs and caring for them;
  • many challenges related to park management;
  • the ability to travel around the reservation by car and helicopter.


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  • Not Work (1%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,476

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